Projekt PointOut: American-German B2B Contacts

Neue Geschäftsmöglichkeiten über den großen Teich. 

Das Projekt PointOut ist das Netzwerk zur Zusammenarbeit der IT-Wirtschaft der deutschen Hauptstadtregion mit den IT-Zentren an der Ostküste und Westküste der USA. Für Unternehmen aus der Hauptstadtregion und aus den USA eröffnen sich neue Geschäftsmöglichkeiten und Businesspotentiale durch gezielte Teilnahme an Events in den USA und durch die Zusammenarbeit in den IT Feldern.

  • Suchen Sie nach Lösungen und Möglichkeiten Ihre IT Anwendungen in einer Kooperation in den USA zu entwickeln oder zu testen?
  • Haben Sie schon länger mit dem Gedanken an eine Dependance in den USA geliebäugelt?
  • Möchten Sie potentielle Partner für das Umsetzen innovativen Projekte finden, die sich im Zentrum der globalen digitalen R&D befinden?
  • Wollen Sie mit Ihren innovativen IT-Anwendungen und Produkten amerikanische Partner/Kunden begeistern?
  • Möchten Sie Ihre Dienstleistungen amerikanischen Konzernen und Industrieriesen anbieten?
  • Suchen Sie Investoren in den USA?
  • Möchten Sie an Fachveranstaltungen und Konferenzen in den USA teilnehmen?

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PointOut recommends: Call for Smart City Innovators - Fall 2020

PointOut recommends: Call for Smart City Innovators - Fall 2020 Smart City Works Venture Labs from Washington D.C. is open for applications for the Fall 2020 Cohort, which will begin in October 2020. The programm will be fully immersive, fully virtual. Special consideration is given to companies...

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PointOut: International cooperation as a key to success.

PointOut: International cooperation as a key to success. Since the beginning of the project PointOut USA, we have been working hard to create meanigful international partnerships aiming to support regional IT businesses with their first steps towards the expansion across the pond. We are very...

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Project PointOut recommends: Pittsburgh Virtual Robotics/AI Tour

Project PointOut recommends: Pittsburgh Virtual Robotics/AI Tour An iconic city at the forefront of what’s next, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is shaping the future with world-changing technologies, including robotics, machine learning and artifi cial intelligence (AI). Pittsburgh is a city on the...

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Project PointOut: Virtual networking and panel discussion on Evolving Prospects on Tech Business with America!

Project PointOut: Virtual networking and panel discussion on Evolving Prospects on Tech Business with America! The COVID19 stepped on the scene and immediately transformed the landscape of the global business. The SIBB digital business delegation to the East Coast of the United States had to be...

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Project PointOut recommends: Free OPEN Passes to DeveloperWeek Global 2020 (June 16-17)

Free OPEN Passes to DeveloperWeek Global 2020 (June 16-17) #ProjectPointOut recommends:Free OPEN Passes to DeveloperWeek Global 2020 (June 16-17)DeveloperWeek Global 2020 is coming up! The DeveloperWeek team has offered our group free OPEN Passes to DeveloperWeek Global 2020 so our members can...

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Suggested as part of our SIBB U.S. project PointOut: Back to Business: Resilience, Recovery and Moving Forward

Suggested as part of our SIBB U.S. project PointOut: Back to Business: Resilience, Recovery and Moving Forward How were businesses in the D.C. metro area prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, and how did they respond? Join us for an online conference on May 20, 2020 to learn about business best...

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15-20th September 2019, Business Delegation to New York and Boston by IHK Berlin. 

SIBB together with Berliner IT companies is going to join the economic delegation of Berlin Senate Departmernt for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises to NYC and Boston organized jointly with IHK Berlin. The business delegation is associated with official opening of Berlin economic development office in NYC and will be accompanied by very special guest – Ms. Ramona Pop, Mayor of Berlin and Senator of abovementioned Senate Department. Taking into consideration current trends and challanges being faced by American economy, participating in the delegation german SMEs and Start-ups will have focus on Sustainable Urbanisation & Infrastructure Development, New Economy and Healtcare & Life Science. 

The application process has already been closed. 

2nd July 2019, "Berlin Meets USA" - The Power of the American Digital Platforms.

2nd Edition of "Berlin Meets USA" on transatlantic business expansion delved deeper into the topic and concentrated particularly on digital platforms. America's market size, purchasing power, advanced technologies and popularity of using online platforms to purchase, sell, book, exchange goods and services make it a powerful hotspot for growth-oriented digital platforms. Attendees of this event came away with knowledge on how to analyse and comprehend American e-market, received the most significant information related to digital platform business expansion to USA and had an opportunity to create valuable partnerships between digital platforms specialists, successful online companies, developers, investors, international marketing agencies and organizations encouraging economic development growth in USA.

10-12th June 2019, SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington D.C. 

The SelectUSA Investment Summit is the largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) promotion event in the United States. It is considered as the meeting place to identify business opportunities for foreign companies planning to expand to U.S. market. The Investment Summit is organized by the U.S. Department of Commerce and connects qualified companies with U.S. business development agencies from around the country to facilitate business investment and job creation.

The PointOut project (at the invitation of SelectUSA and the American Embassy in Berlin) presented its activities during Select USA Tech part. In addition, the SIBB Head of International B2B Projects participated in the panel discussion of the Select USA Investment Academy. With representatives from Google, Intuit, Klaxoon and Global Innovation Forum, the experts talked about data, resources and digital tools for market expansion of young technological companies in the USA.

4th June 2019, 6th German-American Business Forum in Potsdam. 

SIBB became a partner of 6th German-American Business Forum organized by German-American Chambers of Commerce (AHK USA) and IHK Potsdam. The Event attracts German companies plannig to expand to the transatlantic market and aims to build relevant for business expansion relationships and knowledge through discussions, presentations and workshops conducted by high-ranking representatives of German companies that are currently successfully operating in the USA. 

11th April 2019, "Berlin Meets USA" - Tech-Business in USA. Chase Your American Dream!

As part of Forum International Business, SIBB in cooperation with Berlin Partner for Business and Technology organized the first B2B Networking Event about digital business expansion to USA. Best practices, case studies and experts in discussion made attendees familiar with available tools supporting tech or digital business expansion to the American market including common law, tax & compliance issues and glimpse into the economical structure of specific States. 

7-10th March 2019, BerlinSaloon, South by Southwest in Austin (Texas) - SIBB MeetUp - Make "IT" happen in Berlin. 

SXSW was founded in 1987 in Austin and is best known for its conferences and festivals that focus on the convergence of interactive technologies. SIBB participated in the interactive part of the conference and was a partner of four days lasting BerlinSaloon 2019 powered by Infopark AG and supported by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH. As a part of BerlinSaloon programm, SIBB organised a meetup "Make IT happen in Berlin" on how to go international and become innovative via Berlin and its partner Mazovia Cluster ICT from Warsaw, Poland. 


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