SIBB Digital Transition Incubator

The SIBB Incubator is an empowering program specifically designed to support early-stage startups, with a special emphasis on nurturing female founders. We provide vital resources, personalized mentoring & coaching, as well as hands-on workshops in a collaborative environment, all geared toward transforming innovative ideas into successful, impactful ventures. 

Since September 2023, we have been supporting our 7 new startups in the SIBB Incubator. Stay tuned for their project developments and stories, which we regularly share here. If you are also interested in becoming part of the incubator in the future as well, you will have another opportunity in 2024. The application phase begins in May 2024, and the new round starts again in September.


We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the invaluable support and guidance provided by the accelerator team throughout our journey.

Team ZenZen


SIBB Digital Transition Incubator


SIBB Startup Patentiv: Streamlining Patent Valuation for Innovators

SIBB Startup Patentiv: Streamlining Patent Valuation for Innovators Patentiv, led by founders Mustafa and Kutluhan, offers a SAAS platform that simplifies the financial valuation of patents, making the process much faster, more accurate, and cost-effective. Aimed at enabling patent owners to...

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SIBB Startup ZULA: A New Chapter in Children’s Storytelling Experience

SIBB Startup ZULA: A New Chapter in Children’s Storytelling Experience Meet ZULA, one of our startups in the SIBB Incubator program, where we support the trio Naimmy, Guelang, and Selin, who are accompanied by a larger dedicated team. ZULA is a gateway to a vibrant online library experience...

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SIBB Startup “Eden”: Der smarte IoT-Gartenassistent für grüne Oasen

SIBB Startup “Eden”: Der smarte IoT-Gartenassistent für grüne Oasen Eden, gegründet von Lea und Hannes, bringt Innovation in die Gartenarbeit. Mit dem Ziel, das Gärtnern für private Haushalte zu vereinfachen, entwickelte das Team einen smarten Gartenassistenten, der die Gesundheit von Pflanzen...

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SIBB-Startup "Luup" vereinfacht die ESG-Berichterstattung für Unternehmen

SIBB-Startup "Luup" vereinfacht die ESG-Berichterstattung für Unternehmen Luup bietet eine effiziente und innovative Nachhaltigkeitssoftware, die auf modernster künstlicher Intelligenz basiert und Unternehmen wertvolle Einblicke in die mit dem Unternehmen und seiner Lieferkette verbundenen...

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Ask Female Founders is back!

Ask Female Founders is back - Rachel Pregun's intense founder story shines at SIBB Incubator in a fully booked room January 23, 2024 SIBB-Incubator Alumni and entrepreneur Rachel Pregun and her funding story of a VC-backed startup was with us in January, and we started the Ask Female Founders...

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Want to talk to us? 

Etta Dannemann
Program Manager & Startup Coach
Call: 0 30 208493 016 


Foto Mario

Mario Liebrenz
Project Manager
Call: 030 4036 7190 3


Urte Zahn

Urte Zahn
Startup Coach
Call: 030 208493024


Ron Reckin
Program Director
Call: 030 4036 7190 5

Jens Möricke
Leitung Programmverwaltung
Call: 030 4036 7190 4

 - Eligibility Criteria for the SIBB Incubator -

  • You are registered in Berlin (main residence) as soon as the program starts
  • You need to live in Berlin and be present in Startup Space (remote participation not possible)
  • Full-time commitment – previous jobs need to be canceled
  • Your previous experience as a startup founder is limited (serial entrepreneurs are not eligible)
  • Early stage project: You are still working on your MVP / market entry (your product has no paying customers yet)
  • Co-Founders own the IP and still have more than 50% shares
  • Your startup and Co-founders didn’t receive any public startup funding yet
  • If you have already founded a company already: it needs to be registered in Berlin
  • You have an accident insurance & health insurance
  • Previous funding through "EXIST Women" is NOT a disqualification criterion for participation in the Berlin Startup Scholarship

The SIBB Digital Transition Incubator is funded by the European Union and the State of Berlin.

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