Erstellt am: 03.05.2022

UnlockUSA- SIBB Delegation to the East Coast part.1

UnlockUSA Networking Dinner

16 people delegation, 11 startups and companies mostly from Berlin, took part in the business delegation to the East Coast in the last week of April 2022. The main aims of the mission were to build business networks, search partners for future expansion or investments.

Fairfax County
Fairfax County hosted delegation for the first day and it was great opportunity to network with stakeholders of Fairfax County Economic Development Authority and Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC). Fairfax County is home to 8,800 tech companies, 430+ international companies and 11 fortune 500 headquarters, diverse and significant expat community make this region worth considering when opening branch office in the USA.

Washington DC 

Washington DC program started with visiting incubator/accelerator Halcyon, which accelerate the impact-driven businesses. Halcyon is headquartered in Halcyon House, a historic 18th century mansion located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. One of the EdTech Startup founders shared her business story from college project to successful company.

Dr. Hardy Boeckle Minister, Head of Economic, Trade and Finance Department from the German Embassy in D.C., GACC Washington and Director of International Trade and Commerce of the Mayor’s Office in Washington DC gave a great overview of the business conditions and benefits of doing business in the capital city of the USA.