Erstellt am: 02.10.2021

UNLOCK THE USA: IT in Colorado

unlock the usa: it in colorado

Great news! Boarders open again, and SIBB e.V. PointOut team is welcoming representatives from the US states visiting Berlin for business opportunities. Back in September, Conner Murphy, the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, has visited SIBB headquarters. Sides discussed the cooperation points between Berlin and the state of Colorado.

It was highlighted during the meeting that Technology & information in Colorado generated $28.2 B in output, 7.2% of the state GDP of $390 B in 2019. Given this industry’s share of national employment, this sized GDP should result in $18.7 B in tech & info output. According to the recent report on Crunchbase, Colorado today is a home to 584 tech firms with 689 in-state locations. Recent homegrown unicorns – Ibotta (mobile retails), Guild Education (EdTech), Evercommerce (service commerce platform) and Quantum Metric (continuous product design platform) have employed over 3100 full-time employees, and together with neighboring states Colorado benefits from recent relocations & secondary hubs.

The state is historically known for tourism in Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Canyon has the increasing number of offers for FinTech, Cybersecurity, Advanced manufacturing, E-health & Aerospace. With 2.21 B in funding received by Colorado startups in 2020, there is an active search for the workforce, also outside the country. In fact, Colorado is leading in the percentage of remote workers in the USA – 8.6 %, with most remote workers in the Denver-Boulder Area.

Would you plan to expand your business network to Colorado? Please reach out to Nikolay and Magdalena.

Nikolay Tretyakov
Project Manager International Business

Magdalena Zawodny-Barabanow
Project Manager International Business