Erstellt am: 03.03.2022

Welcome to Greater Peoria! – Meeting MedTech Ecosystem

Berlin Meets Pittsburgh: Connecting two Outstanding AI Ecosystems

SIBB e.V. Project PointOut

SIBB PointOut teams invited MedTech startups from Berlin to learn about an emerging MedTech ecosystem of Greater Peoria, IL, USA and meet first partners in the region to foster expansion and business development.


Greater Peoria is home to top-tier healthcare services, as well as an innovative medical research hub with ever-growing assets and investment. Healthcare employs over 30,000 people in Greater Peoria (16 % of the workforce) and this number continues to grow. Link:

Partners from GP have presented the opportunities in their organizations and the success stories of fast-track soft-landing:

- Greater Peoria Innovation & Entrepreneurship Introduction

- Andrew Ngui - Illinois SBDC + Tech Commercialization & PNIC

- Michael Stubbs - gBETA Distillery Labs Program

- Nate Domenighini - Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics

- Amit Bhanti - OSF Healthcare – Kip McCoy

Feel free to contact our PointOut team to learn more about the opportunities for Berlin companies in the USA and vice versa!

Nikolay Tretyakov
Project Manager International Business

Magdalena Zawodny-Barabanow
Project Manager International Business