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Berlin Meets Pittsburgh: Connecting two Outstanding AI Ecosystems

Berlin Meets Pittsburgh: Connecting two Outstanding AI Ecosystems

SIBB e.V. Project PointOut had invited IT companies from two cities that lead the adoption of AI solutions in their regions: Berlin, Germany and Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Recording of the webinar:

Project team would like to thank Christopher Martin, Director of Research + Development, Bosch, Pittsburgh, PA, USA for moderating the panel "Putting AI to Work" together with international experts Dr. Tina Klüwer, Director of KIEZ AI by science and startups, Berlin, and Jim Wrubel, AI Specialist, Innovation Works, Pittsburgh, PA.

We are looking forward for the next events in the series with Pittsburgh on the topic of robotics and autonomous vehicles. Stay tuned!

More information about AI in the regions:

Pittsburgh, PA, the birthplace of Artificial Intelligence. Founded at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, today the robust AI ecosystem includes public and private partners that support and drive innovation from almost all industry verticals. Pittsburgh is also home to the world’s first self-driving cars, and the growing focus on autonomous vehicles has six companies and counting deploying tech in real world environments.

Berlin – The breeding ground for AI innovation. The mature and diverse AI ecosystem in Berlin is built on outstanding AI research and driven by innovative start-ups. 40% of Germany’s AI start-ups are based in Berlin attracting AI talent from all over the world. 80% of AI companies have a B2B focus and industry-wise 36% operate in Business Intelligence/Process Management, 10% in healthcare, 9% in mobility & city intelligence. More at

Check out event partners pages to get a better overview on the topic of internationalization for AI businesses: Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, Pennsylvania Economic Development, Bosch, Berlin Business Office USA, Innovation Works, KIEZ AI, #ki_Berlin, SelectUSA.

Feel free to contact our PointOut team to learn more about the opportunities for Berlin companies in the USA and vice versa!

Nikolay Tretyakov
Project Manager International Business

Magdalena Zawodny-Barabanow
Project Manager International Business