Erstellt am: 29.09.2021

Computer Vision Applications: Case Studies from Germany, Poland and USA

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The webinar contributed to the topic of the artificial intelligence used to enable computers to see the world and to solve a complex challenge to reach a high accuracy rate for object identification and recognition.

Digital Business Association Berlin-Brandenburg SIBB e.V. has invited international cross-industry experts to share their achievements in surpassing human vision in terms of labeling and detection of objects. The webinar was wrapped with a group discussion and B2B networking session.

SIBB e.V. thanks Faifax County Economic Development in supporting the event organization and inviting Dr. Steven YI to share insights on the medical perspective of the computer vision.

The event began with the presentation by Markus von Tilburg from Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, showcasing the current state of IT in the county.

This insight was followed by the "Industrial Computer Vision" topic provided by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Lambrecht, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Gestalt Robotics GmbH, Berlin, Germany

The second presentation by Dr. Karol Przystalski, CTO, Codete, Cracow, Poland featured the medical remote AI Diagnostics for MedTransfer, MedTech company from Berlin.

Dr. Steven Yi, CEO, Xyken LLC from McLean (FFX), Virginia, USA presented the topic" 3D Imaging Applications through PC and Mobile Platforms.” and introduced their products ready for the expansion to the European market.

About experts:

Codete - Software Development & IT Outsourcing for the Remote Reality.

Gestalt Robotics GmbH - Leading Service Provider for Intelligent Automation

Xyken LLC - Next generation 2D/3D imaging solutions for people with hearing, chronic diseases, cancers, and rehabilitation needs