SIBB Incubator 2023 - Our Startup Teams

In this round, we are supporting 7 startup teams that have successfully passed our selection process with our jury: 


Sci2sci is a search engine for datasets. Are you a scientist doing research on publicly available data? A ML engineer looking for datasets to build or test your model? An analyst who studies the recent market trends? We get you covered! Our platform supports search for keywords inside the data (if you need specific parameters measured in the study) and even allows you to submit a data template if you need similar datasets! Check out the beta version:


Joice provides Benefits-as-a-Service tailored to small and medium-sized companies. As a personal assistant, Joice implements the most suitable benefits and their providers based on benefit market trends and employee and company preferences, lightening HR’s strategic and administration workload. Additionally, the software provides admin-free tracking of benefit usage in all processes, from activation to payroll integration. With Joice, companies can finally offer optimal (personalized and cost-effective) benefits while ensuring employees are aware and empowered to get the most out of them.


 Luup is a report-as-a-service software that empowers corporate employees to produce mandatory ESG reports. We provide an agile data management platform for collaborating with colleagues to collect and assemble key ESG data into compliant reports. Luup also provides industry-specific tooltips and reduces the required time to manage a company's sustainability efforts significantly.


 Patentiv - Automated Patent Valuation Calculator is a new SAAS platform designed for patent owners to determine the financial value of their patents in a reliable, fast and cost-effective way. Our mission is to help patent owners make informed decisions about their patents and maximize the business value of their patents. Patentiv automatically generates patent valuation reports and patent commercialization roadmaps, enabling patent owners to make informed decisions and optimize their patent assets. Patentiv offers a reliable solution that is both 10 times faster and 10 times more cost-effective than traditional methods.


Eden is an IoT startup revolutionizing gardening with its smart gardening assistant. By monitoring soil conditions, light, and water in real-time using wireless sensors, we enable gardeners to optimize plant health. Our mobile app provides personalized care instructions and automates irrigation, saving water and promoting beautiful gardens. We address the challenge of improper plant care in household gardens, offering a consumer tech solution for private households. Initially targeting the DACH regions, our distribution channels include e-commerce and home improvement stores. Eden aims to solve the optimization problem of balancing plant health and care costs while positively impacting the environment. 


At Robotikos, we democratize the access to Industrial Automation by bringing Industry 4.0 to SME manufacturers. 

We make it easy to adopt industrial automation and provide improved ROI with a centralized data driven approach. Breaking the barriers of excel sheets and vendor biasing, we give the power in hand of decision makers by giving them easy access to their data in structured way and recommend them, the best suitable robot for their need to align their business goals.


Meet Zula, your gateway to an enriching online library experience tailored for children. Our mission? To help kids 'grow with their stories.' At Zula, we are dedicated to transforming children's literature into an inclusive, diverse, and accessible universe. Dive into a world where quality meets creativity, and every child's journey through literature is not just a read, but a meaningful adventure. Join us in redefining the way children read and learn, fostering a love for stories that transcend boundaries, celebrate differences and empower young minds. Welcome to Zula, where every story is a step toward a more inclusive and vibrant tomorrow.