Erstellt am: 09.10.2023

SIBB Incubator 2023: An intense first month in review

Berlin, October 10, 2023 - The SIBB Incubator 2023 got off to a flying start, and we are overwhelmed by the energy and commitment of our new startups. But what exactly are we doing in our startup funding?  Here are the first weeks in review, with links to posts on our "SIBB Startups" LinkedIn page. Feel free to follow us there as well, and subscribe to the hashtag #SIBBStartups so you never miss an update.

Our journey began with our kick-off week, which initially provided orientation and space for the startups to familiarize themselves with the community and its working methods. A time management workshop provided by program manager Etta Dannemann helped to set goals and create realistic time frames. Kick-off for our expert workshops was the Lean Startup Bootcamp held by Daria *Dash* Markova. The Lean Startup method is one of the essentials of every startup, and that's why it is at the very beginning for us. Also important for us in supporting our teams: the OKR method, introduced through a workshop by Head Coach Urte Zahn.

The first month was dedicated to research on users, customers and their problems, and now it has taken off. We started with the workshop on user research by Tina Dreisicke. Tina taught the teams user-centricity and helped them tailor their products to the needs of their target groups, including a practical exercise that helped the teams get into interview mode. The workshop was very well received and the teams started with user interviews.

We continued to focus on customer empathy. Conducting customer interviews and processing them with structured methods posed a challenge.  The collaboration with The Morph Company Switzerland enabled our startups to discover the user-centered and creative approach of Design Thinking. In parallel, the teams conducted many interviews to describe their identified problem in detail and test their assumptions.

The famous prototyping workshop by The Morph Company Switzerland was another milestone where the startups learned how to create prototypes and use them to gather feedback and refine products. We had a lot of fun testing out each other's quick and dirty prototypes.

The first monthly coaching sessions with Head Coach Urte Zahn already took place - over 10 months she will help our teams to overcome their challenges and create a strong team.

The conclusion of this eventful month will be the mutual presentation of the personas, where the teams will present their ideas and concepts and receive valuable feedback from their peers. We do this reflection monthly - an important part of the SIBB Startups Community.

We, the SIBB Incubator 2023 team, are thrilled to see the motivation, speed and engagement with which the participants are pursuing their goals, and we are happy to see how all teams are already supporting each other.  Likewise, we are excited to continue this interesting journey and look forward to seeing how our startups continue to grow and thrive in the coming months. Stay tuned for more of their developments!


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