Erstellt am: 18.02.2024

SIBB Startup ZULA: A New Chapter in Children’s Storytelling Experience

Meet ZULA, one of our startups in the SIBB Incubator program, where we support the trio Naimmy, Guelang, and Selin, who are accompanied by a larger dedicated team. ZULA is a gateway to a vibrant online library experience, meticulously tailored for children. With a noble mission to help kids “grow with their stories,” ZULA is set to transform the landscape of children’s literature into an inclusive, diverse, and universally accessible realm.

ZULA invites children to dive into a world where quality meets creativity, ensuring that every journey through literature is not merely a reading exercise, but a meaningful adventure. This platform is committed to redefining the way children engage with reading and learning, fostering a profound love for stories that transcend boundaries, celebrate differences, and empower young minds.

ZULA aims to make reading more engaging and educational for children, focusing on inclusivity and diversity in its collection and features. It’s a resource for young readers and their families, looking to foster empathy through storytelling practices. Learn more about ZULA and how they’re making a difference in children’s literature on their LinkedIn page: