Erstellt am: 08.01.2024

SIBB Startup "Sci2Sci": Streamlining Data Discovery for Researchers

Sci2Sci, initiated by Angelina and Valerii, is part of the SIBB Incubator Program since September 2023. It's a user-friendly search engine designed for scientists, ML engineers, and analysts looking for specific datasets. With Sci2Sci, users can search within datasets for particular parameters or submit a template to find similar data, making the research process more efficient.

The platform stands out with its structural similarity search feature, allowing users to find datasets that complement their own research easily. Additionally, its API streamlines data aggregation and updates, saving time for users like cybersecurity analysts and ML researchers.

Sci2Sci is not just about finding data; it keeps users updated on the latest research in their fields. It also offers a platform for data sharing, where researchers can publish their data and get notified when it's cited in new studies.

To stay updated on their progress, you can follow sci2sci on LinkedIn.

Here you can try out the sci2sci search engine directly.