Erstellt am: 22.01.2024

SIBB Startup "Robotikos" simplifies Industrial Automation for Manufacturers (Industry 4.0)

Robotikos revolutionizes industrial robot selection for Industry 4.0. It is co-founded by Ash and Neeta, experts in finance, investments, and IoT analytics. 

The platform simplifies this critical decision and ensures that your investment leads to improved operational efficiency and profitability. Robotikos transforms robot selection into an efficient and outcome-focused journey, empowering businesses to make well-informed, strategic decisions for innovation. 

The startup offers a straightforward, user-friendly approach to robot selection in three easy steps: :
1. Set Parameters: Specify your needs with our intuitive interface.
2. Explore Options: Choose the top 3 robot results, matching your needs from the biggest database of robots on the market, with over 800 models and 14 vendors.
3. Make Data-Driven Decisions: Input your use case details or use our industry-standard assumptions to generate detailed comparative reports on how these robots meet your strategic goals.

Robotikos has already assisted manufacturers in swiftly identifying robots that meet their exact technical needs, helping them achieve enhanced efficiency and productivity. 

Are you looking for the best automation solutions for your manufacturing? Contact them via LinkedIn or via their website. Follow Robotikos on LinkedIn for latest updates. 

You can also try out their new Robot Search Tool and sign up to get more information. Feel free to give them feedback, we really appreciate it.