Erstellt am: 26.02.2024

SIBB Startup Patentiv: Streamlining Patent Valuation for Innovators

Patentiv, led by founders Mustafa and Kutluhan, offers a SAAS platform that simplifies the financial valuation of patents, making the process much faster, more accurate, and cost-effective. Aimed at enabling patent owners to optimize the business value of their assets, Patentiv automates the generation of valuation reports and commercialization strategies.

Why Choose Patentiv?
Quick and Precise: Advanced algorithms provide immediate and accurate patent valuation.
Cost and Time Efficient: Dramatically reduces costs and time compared to traditional valuation methods.
Trusted Results: Delivers reliable valuations by integrating with proven data sources and complying to global standards such as DIN77100.

Patentiv currently invites patent owners to join their pilot user group, offering a free trial to demonstrate how their platform can transform the patent valuation process. It's not just about discovering the value of your patents, it's about unlocking their true potential. Learn more about how Patentiv can enhance your patent strategy and make your innovation journey more rewarding at