Erstellt am: 15.01.2024

SIBB Startup "Joice": Healthy and thriving workplaces for German SMEs

Sofia and Leonard have launched Joice, an HR tech startup aimed at small and mid-sized German companies. Joice’s mission is to create healthier, more sustainable workplaces by empowering HR with accessible people data to improve employee happiness easily. They offer an all-in-one people analytics platform that is provided to HR through a web app, including the most extensive database on workplace initiatives, partner providers, and DIY Guides. 

The platform analyses what employees need with ready-to-use surveys and insights into the market environment and competition. The company can pick and access workplace improvements in no time by following Joice’s suggestions based on their proprietary database for better work culture. Ultimately, Joice offers automated tracking of the ROI of implemented actions and continuously offers uniquely curated deals.

To stay updated on their progress, you can follow Joice on Linkedin or sign up for free on Joice Website