Erstellt am: 17.03.2024

 SIBB Incubator Alumni "Trustbox" Embarks on Next Phase with R42 Game Accelerator

Recently announced on their Linkedin Page, Trustbox has achieved a significant milestone by securing a position in the R42 Game Accelerator, heralding a new phase in its quest to pioneer the gamification and edutainment landscape. As a former participant of the SIBB Incubator, Trustbox carries forward a legacy of innovation and growth, underpinned by the experiences and insights gained from the program.

Kicking off with two Deep Dive Days, Trustbox is now immersed in pitch refinement and industry insights, signaling a robust journey ahead. Interaction with fellow startups like Inclusive Gaming and Level Labs, coupled with the mentorship of Marleen Wagner, sets the stage for Trustbox's accelerated growth and innovation.

We're excited for Trustbox's future as they continue to push boundaries in gamification and edutainment, with a promising path ahead and impactful advancements. 

📸 Credit: Gecko One GmbH