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SIBB Incubator 2023: The second month in review

Berlin, November 7, 2023 - Teams from The SIBB Incubator 2023 have focused in their second month on user research and finding traction for the targeted problem. They also started structured team building and working with the OKR Method. We have also built stronger ties in our community by exchanging in an intense manner and creating common memories on our off-site days.

The special highlight of this month were the SIBB Excursion Days, providing participants with valuable experiences and learning opportunities. The excursions included (see linkedIn posts for further information):

Day 1 Morning - Guided Tour with Querstadtein:

Participants embarked on a guided tour with Querstadtein, offering unique insights into the refugee movement from 2012. We liked this exercise of diving into a different perspective, thinking about global interconnectedness and experiencing a first-hand story of a political movement. The tour produce intense emotions and a lot of food for thought.

Day 1 Evening - Workshop 3D Printing at Motion Lab:

The evening session featured a hands-on workshop on 3D printing at the Motion Lab, allowing participants to explore cutting-edge technology and its applications. SIBB Alumni Aymen Montasser | Solutions Additive Manufacturing showed how he and his team transformed a perceived branch problem into a software offering. They also allowed the team to print their own logos and materialize their vision. A huge thanks to our partner Motion Lab for making this happen and allowing us to come to their site.

Day 2 - Gärten der Welt:

The second day's excursion took participants to the "Gärten der Welt" (Gardens of the World), providing a serene environment for intense 1:1 talks and nature immersion.

The excursion days were embedded by two Team Building Workshops with Urte Zahn:

These workshops provided a deep dive into understanding personality traits and how to leverage this knowledge to build successful and resilient teams. This focus on team dynamics and cohesion is crucial for the development of startups.

What else?

SIBB Incubator's startups had a notable presence at the DeGUT Founder Fair in Berlin, where they showcased their ideas and engaged with fellow entrepreneurs and potential investors.

And we have wonderful Re-fresh Global and Dycle in our space for ask female founders.

These activities and events showcase SIBB Incubator's dedication to nurturing startups, fostering entrepreneurship, and providing unique educational and team-building opportunities. It was indeed an intense and fruitful month, where participants had the chance to dive deeply into conversations with potential clients, users and also among themselves. 

Focusing intensively on user research and personality development is key to the starting phase of the SIBB Incubator - we are convinced it will definitely pay off on a long-term basis.

We are looking forward to month three, where we will focus on vision, pitch training and strategy development. Prototyping is ongoing and we will be a growing part of the program.

For further details and insights, you can refer to the provided LinkedIn posts and to the SIBB Incubator's LinkedIn Page.


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