Erstellt am: 20.12.2022

SIBB delegation to 5G Techritory - Europe's leading 5G Ecosystem Forum


Delegates from SIBB visited 5G Techritory Forum which took place in Riga, Latvia.

5G Techritory is Europe’s leading initiative that brings together industry experts, business leaders, top scientists, and policy makers to set the agenda for making a strong 5G ecosystem a reality.

5G infrastructure will become the engine of the connected world, and will rely on policy, norms, and standards that do not yet exist. 

The forum gathered large number of participants and created borderless opportunities for 5G practitioners to meet and collaborate.

Some topics which were covered during panel sessions:

- The path to digitalization: EU international strategy;

- Metaverse;

- Understanding the role of European Digital Innovation Hubs in digitalization and innovations of european industries;

- 6g networks: myths truths and way forward;

- City mobility green.

The Forum was a perfect place to connect with companies from innovative field & ICT Clusters from Baltic states.