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SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator - References from the current batch 2022

We're coming up to the end of our current batch of the SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator, and if you would like to gain more insights and ask yourself if this program is for you, this post gives a good overview of what has happened so far. Ready? Let's dive in!

What is SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator? The SIBB program was established to empower and equip selected startups with facilities that will help to achieve the next level of growth in their business. SIBB is an 8-month-long accelerator program, providing eligible startups with the necessary tools to boost their enterprise. This includes more than 40 interactive workshops, tailored expert coaching, monthly team check-ins with a certified business coach, individual mentoring, and our signature ‘coconat' excursion (i.e. three days away from your day job; reflecting our your team and personal development).

The program is financed by the Berlin Senate and ESF Funds and will provide you the possibility to concentrate fully on your startup with a 2.000€ / month stipendium to cover your living costs.

We write a lot about it, but this time we have asked our participants to give us some references.Read the full feedback from some of our participants here:

Timo Juritsch (Peak Power)

  • Peak Power has been part of the SIBB spring ’22 cohort. Not only has the SIBB opened to us a diverse and very authentic community as with our cohort and beyond. But also has the SIBB constantly provided valuable resources alongside the course of the whole program.
  • The SIBB is cultivating a wide network of both companies and individuals in the Berlin/Brandenburg area with a focus on software and IT, yet across a range of different industries.
  • The SIBB has managed to match start-ups like Peak Power with mentors, advisors, and contacts very specific to our (energy) industry and hence leveraged the network in a very valuable way for us.
  • The program itself offers a range of workshops and seminars, targeting the various fields of building a company from the design phase to incorporation to fundraising as well as for planning- and administration-related aspects. Those workshops can provide good value in the different steps of the journey, not only for pre-design teams but also for already incorporated companies like Peak Power.
  • The great SIBB team on a personal side has been very approachable and helpful throughout the program. Peak Power has particularly benefited from the high-quality monthly structured coaching sessions and further from the option to use the team as a sounding board and sparrings partner. As a founder, it is crucial to maintain a good and healthy balance - managing and shaping the business at the same time as listening to one’s personal needs and individual ways of working.
  • What really stands out is the SIBBs approach to company building and related values, which have well supported in further building sensitivity towards the above challenge and to maintaining this focus.
  • Overall, we have really been enjoying the program. If you desire to build something meaningful in a great community, we highly suggest applying and making use of this great offering. Also, feel free to reach out any time to connect and share.

Husna Korani, SPOTLIKED :

The SIBB program was a strong partner for us during the development of SPOTLIKED. We got support, constructive feedback, individual pieces of training, and many networking events. The bonus is that it's also a lot of fun. As a female founder, I would especially recommend the program to women in the startup scene. It is an empowering experience to build a company in a balanced environment with as many strong, creative and inspiring women as men.

Viktoria Kanar (Re-Fresh Global) :

I loved the openness of the staff and the strong effort to help us with all challenges and questions. I loved the markup of the program. There was content that was suitable and relevant for all kind of different entrepreneurs, this was a great experience. I felt that nothing was "set in stone" - there was always room for improvement and readiness to help us fill gaps, if we needed help with specific problems or questions. We met very experienced mentors and lecturers and what we learned from them provided us with a true added value. I don't know if other accelerators are able to cover it so thoroughly.

Revital Nadiv (Re-Fresh Global) :

I came from a startup nation BUT - the Sibb program surprised me on the good side and is much more advanced than the accelerators I knew from Israel. why?

  1. 1- the program covers all the topics you need to understand when you open a startup and no school can give you that experience as a mentor from their day-to-day professional work.
  2. 2- the methods for the workshops are precise and relevant
  3. 3- THE Personal attitude!! This is definitely extraordinary compared to every other program.
  4. 4- The mentors from the industry could really give us the right feedback and help we needed in order to penetrate the relevant industry!
  5. We succeeded to make a huge accelerate in 8 months- and this is definitely a result of the tight and precise program! 

This is only a selection, we are happy about the great feedback that we get on a day-to-day basis. If you want to know more about the program, have a look at

The SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator Team

If you have questions about the program, please contact:

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