Erstellt am: 04.11.2021

Same, same, but different- doing business in Poland and Germany. Lessons learned from SIBB delegation to Wroclaw.

Brandenburger Technologieabend vor Ort bei der ME Meßsysteme GmbH in Hennigsdorf am 28.10.21

Germany and Poland share many similarities. But as far as doing business is concerned even small differences may play a role. During last day of SIBB Business Delegation to Wroclaw there was unique opportunity to learn more about both benefits and challenges when doing business parallelly in both countries: Poland and Germany.
Meeting took place in Wroclaw Office of JustRelate Group, successful company founded in Berlin which with success expanded to Poland. Michal Kunysz and Aljoscha Hehlke shared their experiences through marketing and HR perspectives. Both underlined importance of trust and transparency between both branches and implementation of tools, frameworks and solutions which enable remote collaboration. Among challenges/differences presenters named: different immigration procedures, differences in labour law and expectations of candidates about form of employment or popularity of using LinkedIn in the recruitment process. 

Marcin Pogodzik from interatec GmbH shared experiences of his company, working in Poland and Germany. He underlined the importance to have good reason and motivation for expansion, then ability to create real partnership between subsidies. Good communication and supporting teams make the whole process easier and generate benefits for the whole company.