Erstellt am: 29.05.2023

SIBB Accelerator's Successful Demo Day Paves the Way for the Next Wave of Innovators

SIBB Accelerator's Successful Demo Day Paves the Way for the Next Wave of Innovators

The SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator has once again proven to be a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our recent Demo Day, held at the lovely Hallesches Haus in Kreuzberg, showcased the tremendous growth and potential of our current cohort of startups. It was a day of celebration, networking, and a chance to acknowledge the hard work and progress of each team.

We said a bittersweet goodbye to our startups including ZenZen, AGNTS, Stocadro, SAM, DemDet, AdalanAI, H2Geo, UfoCourier, Abracadabra, Equaly and 144. It was truly inspiring to see our visionaries step up and present their ideas and achievements to a crowd of potential investors, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs.

It was not just about the current batch, however. We also enjoyed a heartening reunion with our alumni - Mihriban Minez, Viktoria Kanar, Piyanka Singh, and Timo Juritsch. They participated in a dynamic panel discussion, sharing their significant achievements and experiences since they graduated from the SIBB Accelerator. Their stories served as an inspiration and a testament to the long-term benefits and impacts of our program. 

We're proud of our sxsw-pitching alumni, beams, who have successfully raised their first round and continue to make people work with more focus and less stress as they navigate their way into the U.S. market. Our alumni group also includes Re-Fresh Global, a company making significant strides in the circular economy, and the influential Gen-Z thought leader, Mona Ghazi, recognized by DER SPIEGEL.

The event was not just about presentations and farewells; it also served as a prime networking platform. The connection between startups, investors, mentors, and coaches was vibrant, strengthening old and fueling new relationships and potential partnerships that will potentially continue to shape the future of their path in a positive direction.

As we bid adieu to our present cohort, we're excited to announce that we are currently in the application phase for our new SIBB Incubator! We invite innovative thinkers and driven entrepreneurs to apply, with the deadline set for July 7, 2023. Don't miss this chance to be part of a community that cultivates creativity, offers robust mentorship, and provides a supportive environment for your startup to thrive.

At SIBB, we firmly believe in the power of new ideas to make the world a better place. We eagerly await the opportunity to help the next generation of startups flourish. We can't wait to meet you at our next startup event!