Erstellt am: 18.04.2023

SIBB Accelerator Hosts Successful Women in Tech Community Event

The SIBB Accelerator Program, in collaboration with Urte Zahn, recently hosted another successful Women in Tech community event. The gathering brought together over 30 inspiring women to discuss various topics related to tech entrepreneurship. The event featured a talk by Karla Schönicke, Founder of Women CTO Dinner and Venture Scout at Ananda Impact Ventures, who shared her insights on addressing investor bias and why Berlin is an ideal location for startups.

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion, Karla advised attendees to seek investors with a proven track record of investing in diverse and female-led startups. She also highlighted the numerous funding programs and the wealth of talent available in Berlin, making it an attractive destination for building a startup. 💡

Mali Baum also contributed to the event with insightful comments about the ecosystem and investors, as well as her experience with WLOUNGE in supporting female tech founders. 💼

Additionally, we are excited to announce there the opening of the application period for the all-new 🚀 SIBB Digital Transition Incubator 🚀. This program offers €2,200 per month per founder for ten months, with no equity or risk involved. Interested individuals can find the application link on our website. 🔗

This event marked the fourth in a series, and we're already looking forward to the next one, scheduled for May. We're currently seeking suggestions for Berlin's top female tech founders to invite as speakers at future events. If you have recommendations or would like to continue the conversation, please reach out to us. 💌