Erstellt am: 21.02.2022

Shared Mobility – Investment in Future??

Berlin Meets Pittsburgh: Connecting two Outstanding AI Ecosystems

Common initiative  of DeepTechHub Poland project and Forum Subscription and Shared Economy has created a great  opportunity for deeper insight into trends and innovations happening in Polish and German Cities in terms of shared mobility.

Recording on YouTube:

After introduction of Actual State of Shared Mobility by Nikolay Tretyakov from SIBB e.V businesses from Poland and Germany presented their shared solutions:

  • Hop City, Warsaw, PL: moped and e bikes fleet for food and grocery delivery by Lukasz Banach
  • City Hitcher, Berlin: a carpooling app for short distances. Drivers (who are driving their car anyway, e.g. commuters) and hitchers can enter their rides either in advance or spontaneously within just a few seconds by Finn Runkel
  • Broomee, PL Broomee moves public transport to the XXI century making it accessible, cost-effective, ecological, and personalized by Pawel Gora
  • "Create your own mobility service" iteratec, Wroclaw, PL / Germany  by Jonas Laacke 

Best practices cases were followed by panel discussion Cross-border Adoption of Shared Mobility Solutions with :

Jerrit Siegmund, COO,OKAI, Berlin, Germany
Robert Bednarski, Deputy Director, Smart City Department, City Hall Wroclaw, Poland   

Webinar was organised in support of the event partners: 

Okai manufactures world class light electric vehicles. With 17 years of experience, over 500 employees, and numerous international patents we possess the capabilities to launch and maintain exceptional products and vehicles.

EIT Urban Mobility is an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to encourage positive changes in the way people move around cities in order to make them more liveable places. EIT Urban Mobility aim to become the largest European initiative transforming urban mobility. Co-funding of up to € 400 million (2020-2026) from the EIT, a body of the European Union, will help make this happen.

SmartCity Wroclaw Wrocław relies on the principles of the Smart City idea. The  city that offers its residents a high quality of life, good infrastructure, friendly environment and transport, as well as a thriving economy and education. 

ARAW Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency  
The mission of ARAW is to promote the region, support its economic development and attract foreign investments.