Erstellt am: 25.04.2023

Robots and cobots ​onsite event ​at Gestalt Robotics GmbH

Yesterday the Robots and Cobots onsite event took place and experts from these fields and tech professionals gathered to discuss cutting-edge technologies and the latest advancements in the field of Robots and Cobots. Together with the delegation from the governmental institution SARIO (Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency) and guests from Berlin, we had an opportunity to hear valuable presentations from the following speakers:
Murat Kazokoglu, Head of Strategy & Consultancy in 3pc GmbH,
Dr. Katharina von Knop, CEO, Founder, Digital Trust Officer in Digital Trust Analytics GmbH,
and Thomas Staufenbiel, CEO in Gestalt Robotics GmbH .

After that, our guests visited Gestalt Robotics, where the CEO of Gestalt Robotics - Thomas Staufenbiel, and his colleagues showed us their innovative prototyping facilities and current projects they are elaborating on. The evening ended with a networking session in a pleasant atmosphere, accompanied by food and drinks.