Erstellt am: 11.12.2023

Recent "Ask Female Founders": Gina Renner's Journey of Entrepreneurship and Motherhood

The strength of our "Ask Female Founders" series is the communication atmosphere. Everyone can ask everything. Successful female and diverse founders communicate openly about their wins, but also about their struggles and how they integrate founding their company and other life aspects. 
It is so inspiring to see those role-models! 

Thank you Gina Renner coming over last week! Gina shared how she manages balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood, some tips and tricks. She also talked about how clear role definitions in her business with two other founders make her enjoy her daily job a lot. 

With her 15-year-expertise in HR, Gina is a great addition to the SIBB Network and we are humbled that she will be a speaker for the new SIBB forum HR and Diversity in Tech. Her company unfoldnow is a platform for recruiting, HR / people and culture, inner work and employer branding. 

We look forward to a session with her on how recruiting can be designed in the same way as founding the company itself. Early next year - stay tuned!