Erstellt am: 05.12.2019

PointOut: Berlin meets transatlantic HR - how to build collaborative teams overseas? 

As the cliché goes "The success of the company depends on its employees". In the contemporary business world successful companies understand that effective collaboration can boost creativity, productivity, engagement, communication and efficiency. However, the process of hiring the right people for the purpose of building collaborative can be very challenging, especially when the company has decided to create a team overseas as it expands to the transatlantic market.

The experience from previous "Berlin Meets USA" events helped us to understand that many German companies and start-ups actuallystruggle to build a collaborative team overseas.

Therefore, the 4th edition from the series of "Berlin Meets USA" Events welcomed experts from HR industry: aceworkCOMATCH GmbHWork Awesome Group LLC, who helped the audience to understand the opportunities and challenges of cross-boarder collaboration and shared personal experiences on international team development, management and cooperation. Moreover, our special guest from Klaxoon revealed insights of the study on the future of teamwork in America, which garnered comprehensive data and insights of how teams of all shapes, sizes, and industries work together daily and what upcoming challenges they are facing.

Thank you to all our speakers for inspiring discussions and our guests for constructive questions!