Erstellt am: 05.12.2022

New ​SIBB Member: TrustSEC

Jury-Mitglieder des SIBB Deep Tech Accelerator stellen sich vor

TrustSEC is a leading company in the information security field, founded by internationally recognized information security and cryptography experts. TrustSEC focuses on developing innovative highly secure hardware and software solutions that serve securing identities in the digital transformation of governmental and financial services.

TrustSEC offers a wide pool of secure hardware and software solutions based on its uniquely, in-house developed operating system for smart cards- SLCOS; namely Biometric smartcards and Biometric tokens with a variety of in-house developed Bio- applets running over it; FIDO2 and PKI for Authentication and identification, and Contactless Common payment application CPACE for Payment, in addition to other customized applets.

 In addition to its unique products, TrustSEC offers a panel of professional services; of consultation, integration, testing, and outsourcing to help other companies benefit from its significant experience in cryptographic development of products and solutions as well as project management.

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