Erstellt am: 12.07.2022

 IT talent in Poland. SIBB Delegation to Poland part 3.

Poland it’s well known for it’s IT talent. During the delegation we have meet with Talent Place , an innovative recruitment agency working through crowdstaffing. They specialise in recruitment for tech companies.  With an international community of more than 200 HR experts Talent place effectively connect candidates with employers to realize their full mutual potential.

During very interesting meeting participants could learn more about labour maket in Poland ( with special focus on tech market), IT Talent pool in Europe and Poland and specifics of IT labour market in Poland (costs, expectations and other important conditions).

 After the presentation and intensive discussion about how to win the batle with talent shortage, group had a chance to admire beautiful Krakow at the roofgarden at Kazimierz, Jewish district of Krakow. 

If your company would like to learn more and get connected with Talent Place contact our International Team for more details.  

To read more about IT market in Krakow we recommend to download:  Krakow IT Market Report 2022