Erstellt am: 27.03.2023

Introducing our SIBB Startups 22/23: Team H2Geo

Introducing H2Geo, a startup founded by Jenna and Sara, aimed at revolutionizing the maritime industry's transition to clean energy. H2Geo offers a scalable solution for replacing fossil fuels with green hydrogen to power ships and vessels. Green hydrogen, which is generated through water electrolysis using only clean energy sources, emits only water vapor and leaves no CO2 residue in the air.

H2Geo's innovative solution is based on utilizing green hydrogen to power vessels' auxiliary engines while out at sea, which typically accounts for 15% of a ship's total fuel consumption. H2Geo will own and operate small-scale, modular electrolysers that produce green hydrogen on-site at harbours and provide hydrogen fuel supply. The second part of H2Geo's solution is retrofitting vessels with fuel cells that can generate electricity from the hydrogen onboard, resulting in a package solution for vessels to replace 15% of their energy consumption with clean fuels.

Iceland has been chosen as the ideal location for H2Geo's pilot project due to its favorable geographical and technological conditions. Iceland has an abundance of clean water and an electric grid almost completely powered by renewable energy sources, making it the perfect location to test H2Geo's solution.

Once proof of concept has been achieved, H2Geo plans to implement the solution in Germany, further advancing the clean energy transition of the maritime industry. With containerized production, H2Geo can easily scale their green hydrogen production up or down, depending on energy demand, providing a cost-efficient and scalable solution with a short time to market.

Jenna and Sara understand the importance of the clean energy transition for the future of the planet, and they are dedicated to providing a scalable and cost-efficient solution for the maritime industry.