Erstellt am: 12.03.2023

Introducing our SIBB Startups 22/23: Team UfoCourier


Introducing UfoCourier – the platform connecting people living abroad with small independent delivery partners, making parcel shipments faster and more cost-effective than traditional carriers.

Sending packages from EU to non-EU countries has been a time-consuming and expensive process, with traditional carriers charging exorbitant fees that can exceed the value of the item shipped. However, migrant minorities living in the EU have found a solution through the domestic small transport companies operating internationally, which offer better prices and faster delivery times. The only problem is that searching for these small transport companies on social media platforms is a tedious process and communication with the driver is often ineffective.

That's where UfoCourier comes in. "Our platform simplifies the process of sending packages by providing a one-stop-shop where users can find all the necessary information in one place. Using automated tools, communication between the sender and the delivery partner is improved, making the process faster and more efficient." With UfoCourier, anyone can be a courier, from small transportation companies to private individuals traveling. By connecting people with small delivery partners, UfoCourier is making it possible to send packages at a lower cost and with faster delivery times.

The UfoCourier team is dedicated to solving the challenges of international parcel shipments and making the process more accessible and convenient for everyone. Follow them on LinkedIn or visit their website to stay up-to-date on our mission to revolutionize international package deliveries.