Erstellt am: 29.01.2023

Introducing our SIBB Startups 22/23: Team SAM

Team SAM

Operators of 3D print farms - also known as additive manufacturers - nowadays face the challenge of not being able to optimize their production plans. The decision-making about which incoming order to print first in consideration of due dates, warehouse stock, onsite staff and other variables quickly becomes too complex for a human to calculate an optimal schedule and production plan.  The result: Low uptimes, wasted growth potential and no scalability paired with frustration to leave operators and their 3D print farm potential in stagnation. 

SAM unleashes the scalability of 3D print farms. Solutions Additive Manufacturing (SAM)  is a SaaS which optimizes production plans with a real-time scheduling method. SAM automatically transfers its optimal schedule into the operator’s system, leaving the operator to focus on the farm’s growth. 

The Team: The masterminds behind the scenes are the team Aymen, Anna and Saif.  Aymen has been at the point of the frustrated operator for years, not being able to scale as a solution such as SAM has been desperately missing. Anna brings in her expertise in strategic development, communication and legal, including a broad network from the E-Commerce and Politics sector. Saif is the Math brain. As a data scientist, he has developed the secret key to unleash the potential of the additive manufacturing future. Together, team SAM is going to revolutionize the manufacturing sector. And they have already started at full speed. Stay tuned!

If you are curious about SAM and want to know more, please visit their website and follow them on LinkedIn.

SAM printer