Erstellt am: 21.02.2023

Introducing our SIBB Startups 22/23: Team AGNTS

Teamvorstellung AGNTS

AGNTS is a revolutionary task management solution that lets people focus on the things that matter. Do you ever feel like you're spending all your time on tedious tasks, leaving no time for the important things in life? AGNTS has the solution. With just a few taps on their app, you can book a personal agent who will take care of your tasks for you.

The challenge is all too familiar - after work, we often have no time or energy left for the things that matter most. AGNTS aims to change this. Their human agents, optimization algorithm, and future robotics capabilities make task management more efficient than doing it alone. This includes tasks like transportation, queuing, paying, and more. 

The AGNTS team is diverse in many ways, from cultural and gender diversity to their skill set. Lisa is responsible for development, Anil for business, and Tugba for marketing. Their core value of treating agents with respect on eye level guides their work, and they measure themselves against this value as part of their company culture.

Subscribe for early access in Berlin at and join them on their mission to create a world with more quality time! Follow them on LinkedIn to stay in touch.