Erstellt am: 04.01.2023

Introducing our SIBB Startups 22/23: Team Abracadabra

Like every week, we're presenting you one of our new startups in the SIBB Accelerator - this time team Abracadabra

The Team Abracadabra consists of four members: Roman, Alex, Kseniya, and Dimitrii. Together, they developed the Abracadabra project, an AI-based project assistant specifically tailored to the needs of freelancers.

With Abracadabra, freelancers can effectively manage their projects by monitoring and organizing estimates, milestones, and client correspondence. Like a personal assistant, Abracadabra handles repetitive tasks and even helps negotiate fair estimates and ask clients for more money if the work is more difficult than expected.

Freelancers can also create an unrestricted and 100% honest portfolio confirmed by completed projects that future clients can trust with Abracadabra. It revolutionizes the way freelancers manage and present their projects in the freelance industry. The Team Abracadabra is proud to offer this innovative solution and hopes it will help many freelancers successfully complete their projects.

If you are curious about their project and want to know more, please visit their website and follow them on LinkedIn.