Erstellt am: 16.05.2022

Introducing our SIBB Startups 2022: Team Re-Fresh

Kick-off Deep Tech Accelerator 2022

Like every week, we're presenting you one of your new startups in the SIBB Accelerator - this time team Re-Fresh

"Re-Fresh Global is a startup in the field of textile circular economy, which upcycles any kind of used textiles and produces new raw materials from them, partly back for the textile industry, partly for other industries to replace virgin or synthetic materials these industries use today. The textile waste management system and the technology developed by the team and partners provides an end-to-end solution for at least 60% of discarded textiles, which make up to 10% of today's municipal waste. Current innovation step is the commercial production of the company's three products: bio-ethanol, nanocellulose and sanitized textile pulp. The process is supported by a smart and digital system that promotes connectivity and data transfer."

Team Re-Fresh is composed of Revital & Viktoria. If you are curious about their project and want to know more please visit their website and follow them on LinkedIn.