Erstellt am: 08.05.2022

Introducing our SIBB Startups 2022: Team Nate

Kick-off Deep Tech Accelerator 2022

Like every week, we're presenting you one of your new startups in the SIBB Accelerator - this time team Nate

"Nate’s mission is to bridge the gap between Business and IT by offering hands-on education on topics like Digital Product Building, No-Code/Low-Code Tools and Automations. Our education platform and courses are designed to create a technology mindset and enable better decision making and cross-functional collaboration. The courses will be delivered in a cohort-based format with live online lectures led by practitioners and a community of learners helping each other completing assignments."

Team Nate is composed of Sarah & Jan-Lukas. If you are curious about their project and want to know more please visit or follow them on LinkedIn .