Erstellt am: 03.06.2020

hearME - Marktumfrage zur Unterstützung bei der Produktentwicklung

SIBB DeepTech Startup Stipendium: Vorstellung hearME

Today we want to continue introducing you to hearMe – one of our DeepTech Startup Stipendium Teams. The powerful team around three female founders is currently developing their first MVP. Their aim is to involve their potential customers to the whole process as much as possible. And this is where we count on YOUR support!

The team prepared a five-minute survey to find out more about people’s personal safety feeling compared to their sense of freedom and to what extent hearMe’s product innovation meets the potential user’s needs.

Please take part and spread this link! We much appreciate your time and effort: 

survey in  English:  

Umfrage auf Deutsch:

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