Erstellt am: 07.12.2022

First webinar with Ukraine: Life in the new realities for Ukrainians in Berlin and in Ukraine

First webinar with Ukraine on December 6: Life in the new realities for Ukrainians in Berlin and in Ukraine

For the first time, within the frame of the project DeepTechHub,  SIBB gathered an audience to hear a stories from Ukrainian people who flee the war by moving to Berlin and those, who stayed in Ukraine. 

Ivan Babichuk - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lviv IT Clustergave a comprehensive overview  about the current situation of the IT industry in Lviv and in Ukraine. He told about Lviv IT Cluster and some national/international projects/initiatives they are organizing and showed how the war affected IT sector in Lviv and in Ukraine.

Bernd Völcker - Managing Partner of JustRelate Group GmbH, together with his employee Eduard provided a report on how the company rented a house in Berlin in March 2022 for 6 months to offer Ukrainian refugees a temporary home and at the same time, ukrainian people received IT Micro-Degress during IT-trainings. Eduard was an example of the person who not just flee the war by moving to Berlin, but successfuly accomplished the IT courses offered by JustRelate Group GmbH and became their employee.

Andriy KusyyCo-founder of LetsData shared his story of moving to Berlin and buiding  Startup even during these hard times.  

Natalia Medvedenko shared her story as a refugee who fled war to Berlin and started her education in the IT sector. What difficulties she faced along the way; how she found themselves in a new place and how successfully she integrated into the new reality.

Special thanks for the moderation of the webinar to Vincent Pearson - Speaker of SIBB Forum International Business.