Erstellt am: 16.07.2023

Empowering Ukraine's Digital Economy: Berlin and Kyiv forge stronger ties in joint initiative

On the third floor directly under the roof in Kreuzberg - on the hottest day of the year! In a heartwarming turn of events, we welcomed the leadership of the IT Ukraine Association to our Berlin office once again. And guess what? It was a Saturday! 🌞

Why on a Saturday, you ask? Well, in a country ravaged by war, attending a normal business meeting is no easy feat. Especially for men, who face additional challenges. Permissions need to be obtained, and every business trip must be meticulously justified. That's why it was a great achievement to have Konstantin Vasyuk, the Executive Director, and Olena Berestetska, Head of International Cooperation, in Berlin this weekend.

We invited them to our office because we wanted to explore ways to provide even more support and foster collaboration between our region's digital economy and Ukraine. Our collective goal? A hopeful and peaceful period of reconstruction in the near future. 🤝

Back in June, we launched the SIBB call to our companies, urging them to donate as many used laptops as possible to a collection point in Berlin. These laptops will be given to Ukrainian students in war-affected regions via Kyiv. This joint action is already making a remarkable impact, and we couldn't be prouder.

During our meeting, we had Stefan Peikert, one of the speakers at the SIBB Forum "International Business," join us to develop further common ideas. The presence of Nadiia Synytsia, the Education Project Manager, was also invaluable. She's tirelessly organizing the transportation of these laptops from Berlin to Ukraine.

To solidify the cooperation between Berlin and Kyiv, and to showcase our commitment to our industries, we proudly signed a joint MoU. Konstantin, Olena, and Nadiia are the true heroes of this story. They shared stories and experiences that are unimaginable for us, working under conditions that many would deem unacceptable. Their dedication and perseverance are truly inspiring.

I sincerely hope that the alleged Spezial operation (haha to Mr. Putin), which has now lasted for 500 days, comes to an end soon. Let's keep the flame of hope alive, as we strive for economic super cooperation on the bridge between Berlin Brandenburg and Ukrainian regions.🌉