Erstellt am: 19.01.2022

Diversity in technological sector 

Diversity in tech sector

Diversity is trendy. How digital sector can strengthen this trend? What value can create diversity in the workspace for IT companies? How can IT solutions empower vulnerable groups of society??

During SIBB webinar DiversITy in IT sector three very different approaches have been presented, showing benefits for their employees and companies.

#Neurodiversity Paweł Kazienko from AsperIT (Poland) shared his experience in preparing people with autism spectrum to work in tech industry. Job positions are well structured in tech industry, which create optimal working condition for people with autism. Companies on the hand gain well prepared, dedicated employees.

#Financial inclusion Maciej Bulanda Chief Program Officer at Emerging Impact a minority-owned tech company presented how financial solutions (like blockchain and digital currencies) can be empowering tool for the most underserved populations in emerging markets.

#FemaleIT Daryna (Dasha) Chapiuk Talent Acquisition Partner at Zalando Payments shared her experiences for significant increase of the number of female employees in tech positions.

Recording from the webinar is available under the LINK.