Erstellt am: 07.04.2022

DeepTech Hub recommends: Apply to Concordia Design Accelerator! 

Apply to Concordia Design Accelerator ! Receive a grant of up to EUR 65 000

As SIBB e.V, we are the international partner of Concordia Design Accelerator – unique programme for projects which will support society and companies in the realities of the post-COVID economy.

The call for applications for the third round lasts until May 2, 2022.

In the previous two calls, more than 160 startups from 30 countries applied to the programme.

Concordia Design Accelerator is designed to help startups onto the fast track when it comes to growing business and achieving international success.

The programme provides everything that a dynamic, scalable company needs:

● money for development ( free equity grant of up to EUR 65 000)
● access to reliable business partners (+15 Industry Partners & +5 VC’s)
● the support of mentors (+20)
● and assistance with sorting out all the formalities,

Foreign founders can expect a maximum of 13 months intensive, fascinating work under the programme.

Accelerator will link them with Business Partners who will validate the solution or with VC funds interested in investing in the project.

Startups will be working with representatives of globally renowned companies, experienced investors and entrepreneurs who have trodden the path you are now following.

Apply for the Concordia Design Accelerator programme: