Erstellt am: 05.03.2024

Connecting Innovators: SIBB's Co-Founders Matching Event at Le Wagon

Le Wagon Berlin recently opened its doors to host the latest Co-Founders Matching event, organized by the SIBB Incubator. This event marked another step forward in addressing the growing interest in startup networking opportunities within our community. The event attracted around 80 participants, making it the most attended in its series so far. This turnout also reflects the strong interest and enthusiasm within Berlin's startup ecosystem, offering a snapshot of the community's diverse ideas and ambitions.

The goal was simple yet impactful: to facilitate connections that could lead to the next wave of innovative startups, potentially applying for the next cohort of the SIBB Incubator. Through a series of pitches and discussions, participants had the opportunity to share their visions, explore potential partnerships, and engage with like-minded individuals.

Designed to also bolster the startup scene in Berlin in general, the format provided an excellent platform for both emerging and established entrepreneurs. By inviting participants with a multitude of cultural backgrounds to present their startup concepts or skills in a clear and concise manner, the event streamlined the process of forming potential business relationships and diverse team constellations.

What's coming next?

As a renowned and very successful Coding Bootcamp, Le Wagon is not just a venue for the SIBB Incubator but  a growing partner. It will also be the scene for our cohort's demo day at July 27th, setting the stage for future collaborations and showcases of entrepreneurial talent.

As we look ahead to the next cohort, starting on September 1, 2024, we're excited to announce that the application phase for the SIBB Incubator will begin soon. For those interested in joining or learning more about the opportunity of being part of the SIBB Incubator, we encourage you to visit our Incubator website, review the eligibility criteria, and pre-register to the waiting list to ensure you don't miss the start of the application phase.