Erstellt am: 09.11.2022

Berlin met Estonia. Successful start to the future collaboration.

On 7th November in the Estonian Embassy in Berlin tech companies from Estonia (that have travel especially for that event) met with representatives of ICT ecosystem of Berlin Metropolitan Area.

Ambassador of Estonia in Germany, Mr. Alar Streimann opened the event and expressed his support for such initiatives that aim to strengthen relations between Berlin and Estonia.

Overview of the two ecosystems 

Rene Ebert, Managing Director of SIBB ( Intro to ICT scene in Berlin Metropolitan Area) introduces tech and startup scene and most important data, which makes Berlin emerging tech& startup European Hub. 

Jana Silaškova, Head of Internationalization at Estonian ICT Cluster and Leana Kammertöns Enterprise Estonia introduced the sector in Estonian and it’s specialities: mobility, digitalisation and world famous e- governance.

Mats Kuuskemaa, Head of Business Strategy at e-Residency introduced e-residency and story behind successful digitalisation of the state services. Martin Nørgaard Gregersen shared his experiences, from entrepreneur perspective about benefits of e-residency. Surprisingly the biggest number of e- residents are Germans.

Official part of the event finished with presentation of four companies, who are active on both markets: German and Estonian. 

In frame of DeepTech Hub project we are planning follow-up activities to build bridges between two digital ecosystems.