Erstellt am: 13.03.2023

Ask Female Founders with Sylvia Tantzen & Emilie Vallauri: Get a view from a Business Angel and a VC

Event Ask Female Founders Sylvia Tantzen

Our Start-Ups were given valuable insights on how to connect with investors at a recent event hosted by the SIBB accelerator. Business Angel Sylvia Tantzen and Venture Capitalist Emilie Vallauri were the featured speakers at the third "Ask Female Founders" session, where they shared their experiences and advice with the attendees.

During the session, they discussed various strategies for startups to get in touch with investors and approach business angels. They emphasized the importance of having a clear and concise pitch that highlights the value proposition of the startup, as well as the team's skills and experience.

One of the key takeaways from the event was the importance of having a compelling story behind a startup, as it can often be more important than the product itself. Sylvia and Emelie encouraged startups to think about their story and how it can resonate with investors and customers alike.

"Ask Female Founders" is a part of SIBB accelerator's ongoing efforts to support and empower startups, particularly those led by women. The accelerator plans to continue hosting events like this in the future, providing valuable opportunities for startups to learn from experienced investors and connect with potential investors.

Our next event of the "Ask Female Founders" series will be in our Space on April 14. Registration will open soon.