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Ask Female Founders is back - Rachel Pregun's intense founder story shines at SIBB Incubator in a fully booked room

January 23, 2024 

SIBB-Incubator Alumni and entrepreneur Rachel Pregun and her funding story of a VC-backed startup was with us in January, and we started the Ask Female Founders Event series in 2024 at the SIBB Incubator Space. The entrepreneur who had launched HeyDay, a startup in the HR environment, with our support and who successfully secured two rounds of funding at the time, opened up to our community and answered more than 50 questions. The interesting twist: at while ago, she needed to shut down this venture and today, she is a successful founder again with her new startup project b. So Rachel has a lot to tell, and we are humbled that she came to visit us and share her insights with our community.

Moderator Urte Zahn hold the space well and created a special atmosphere, allowing a lot of questions to be asked without fear - all questions were valued as equal and as valuable for the community. Everyone was so quiet you could hear a needle fall - obviously, everyone did not want to miss any of Rachels Answers.

When people left, we looked into a lot of happy faces, obviously tremendously motivated, although Rachel shared a story of a startup that in the end did not work out. However, her success story of getting funding, finding product-market fit and being a founder with a strong vision was very inspiring for our community. And the fact that investors now value her experience is such a good information as well.

"Ask Female Founders" is not just a platform for women but a welcoming community for everyone interested in entrepreneurship. Our vision is to break down barriers and create a space for candid discussions about entrepreneurship, fundraising, and business development.

For more information and to join the "Ask Female Founders" events, follow the Ask Female Founders community on Eventbrite. Our next session with Liza Reichardt will be on the 9th of February. If you want to know more about the SIBB Incubator, please follow


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