Erstellt am: 03.04.2023

Announcement of the launch of advanced smart card by TrustSEC

SIBB's member TrustSEC is thrilled to announce the launch of its newly advanced smart card based on its biometric operating system of smartcards "BIO-SLOCOS" and Infineon Technologies' latest set of secure elements, SLC38. The partnership between TrustSEC and Infineon Technologies AG promises to be a game-changer in the smartcards industry as it brings a cutting-edge smart card solution that combines the best in security, flexibility, and hardware independence to meet the comfort, performance, and security requirements of the global smart card market. 

The new BIO-SLCOS uses Infineon’s latest high-performance SLC38 Secure Element to provide a secure and open platform that is higher in performance and easily integrated with biometrics. The solution is ideally suited for government identification, payment, ticketing, and access applications, as well as for application providers looking to enhance their biometric solution in terms of security, performance, and functionality.

SIBB congratulates TrustSEC and Infineon Technologies on this partnership and wishes them all the best as they strive towards further success in the smart card market.