Erstellt am: 25.04.2023

Abracadabra Unveils Game-Changing Software for Freelancers at Buzzing SIBB Event

Yesterday, Abracadabra hosted a successful event for freelancers, focusing on the importance of business propositions and effective communication of offer prices to clients. During the event, they unveiled their innovative software solution - a prototype that allows freelancers to create professional business offers quickly and efficiently. Abracadabra also discussed strategies for crafting compelling business propositions and highlighted the benefits of their software solution, which simplifies the process of creating business offers and saves freelancers valuable time.

The team extends their heartfelt thanks to all the participants for their engaging presence and insightful contributions, which made the event truly enriching. They appreciate the active engagement of attendees and look forward to their next event, where they can continue to foster knowledge sharing and networking opportunities among freelancers. Additionally, the Abracadabra expresses gratitude to SIBB for their invaluable support in organizing the event and providing the venue. SIBB's assistance was instrumental in making the event a success, and the Team is grateful for their continued partnership in supporting the freelance community.

If you want to follow them, you can do so on LinkedIn or contact directly Roman Koch or Mitja Eichhorn