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Applications Are Open Now!

Application Deadline: April 28th, 2024 | Program Start: May 9th | two-day Bootcamp in Berlin | 8 weeks virtual pre-acceleration phase
Country of residence: Select Germany

The only thing you need is an innovative business idea, PoC or prototype in the fields of Digital Industry, Digital Tech, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Finance or Digital Cities. SIBB will take care of you and guide you to a MVP and business model in 8 weeks with a proven workshops and coaching schedule.

Grafik Modules and Schedule of SIBB Startup Bootcamp

Now we'll provide you with some more detailed information about the program and and how to proceed with the application. Please find FAQ below.

1. SIBB Startup Bootcamp is EIT-Partner and part of EIT Digital Venture Incubation Program

SIBB is a Partner of EIT Digital - a EU funded organisation dedicated to support Europe's digital innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurs. EIT asked us to run their program in Germany. You can find detailed information about the program here, the basics for you are:

EIT program benefits
  • EUR 5.000 price money for participating in May/June Bootcamp: You will be applying for the Growth Package - a two-day Bootcamp in Berlin + 8-week (partially) virtual Pre-Acceleration Phase - training in entrepreneurial skills and support to develop and finalise your MVP from entrepreneurial experts.
  • EUR 10.000: Teams who successfully complete the program, incorporate the venture on time and present a strong MVP, qualify for the first tranche of the Final Prize of € 10,000.
  • Possibly 10-15k more in case you gain traction and find an investor and have sales.
  • EIT wants an agreement for Future Equity signed. (5%)

What you need to know about the application process

You will need to apply for the SIBB Startup Bootcamp via an F6S application form. It is required to have or create an account with F6S.  You need to select GERMANY as country of residence.

Selection: There is an EIT Selection Panel. They will select and contact you for a video-interview if you've been shortlisted (There won't be much competition, since this call is really sudden and on short notice). Selection and admission into the program will be on short-notice. Please save-the-date and reserve some time slots on April 29th and 30th.

Please submit your application as soon as possible - but no later then 28th April 23:59h:

Please check out instructions for a successful application below:

Eligibility: Not a lot of restrictions here.

  • At least 2 team members, all must be listed in the application form
  • Team members must resident of EU Member States, H2020 Associated Countries in Europe or Outermost Regions.
  • Your team did not register a company earlier than this year (2024).

Things to ​know about the application process ​and selection criteria (hints)

You need to provide contact details for each team member and a bank account for the 5.000 €. You will be required to answer some questions about your project and to upload a pitch deck. Below you will find some hints how EIT will evaluate the applications - how to answer their questions:


1) Technology underlying the product or service; uniqueness of the solution
Please, keep in mind that the Venture Incubation Program targets deep-tech based solutions. Start by describing your technology, the stage of technical development you are at and what the next critical steps in development are to establish your MVP and have your solutions ready to launch in the market. What makes it different (better) from existing solutions? Participants must refrain from disclosing any confidential information for that purpose. In other words, do not describe how your technology works but rather explain what technology it is, what it does and how it meets customers’ needs. Also, explain your strategy for managing any Intellectual Property (IP) protection for your solution.

2) Product/service innovativeness
Through a clear, 2 to 3 sentence statement, describe your solution, the benefits for the customer and how it overcomes the problems identified in item 2. Be as quantitative as possible in the description of the benefits. For instance, do not just say that your solution “is better than..” but rather “enables XX% improvement in..”


3) Global impact
Describe the main characteristics (margins; emerging; consolidation stage, other) of the market in which you will introduce your solution (product or service) and in which way your value proposition (to the customer) makes it an attractive opportunity for an investor. Include the financial needs for implementation and the projected returns for a hypothetical investor. Also, highlight how the market has been growing and how it is expected to grow in the foreseeable future. Always quote and reference your sources. You will also need to focus on market sizes for the total and the addressable markets respectively, and make clear any economic, political, and regulatory issues that may limit market access.

4) Addressed market/business challenge and its dimension
Through a 2 to 3 sentence statement, describe who is your customer and the challenge that your product and/ or service will actually solve or help to solve. Characterise clearly and quantitatively the current problems faced by customers with existing solutions (from competitors, direct and indirect).

Quality and efficiency of implementation:

5)       Team composition and fit of each member with the project
Describe the core knowledge and expertise of each team member, as well as any areas of competence still in need of development within the team. Be as open and honest as possible. Describe also the team's access to knowledge and expertise in any specialist field outside yours but required to implement the solution envisaged, i.e. your product and / or service, and to establish your venture.

6) Risks associated with your business model 
Global investors expect teams responsible for their projects to apply international best practice in managing the risks and achieving the objectives of the project. Risk management needs to be balanced with the opportunities presented in a timely and cost-effective manner. Clearly identify the main risks involved in your business model and strategy. Document the risks and the severity of any legal/regulatory issue (e.g. International standards, issues with privacy regulation, IP disclosures and protection strategies, etc.). Provide a discussion of the budgetary implications of dealing with the above risks, being honest about possible costs no matter how uncertain such estimates may be.


Are you allowed to be a student during the program?

Yes, you are allowed to be a student during the program. It is up to you to make sure that you are able to attend the two-day Bootcamp in Berlin and the workshops. You are responsible for the progress you make during the program.

Do I have to participate full-time?

Generally, yes. Overall you are responsible for the progress you make and how you plan your time in between the workshops. However, the goal of this program is to also form a community, hence, we ask you to attend the two-day Bootcamp and all workshops on a full-time basis.

Be aware that in order to move to the next stage of the program (Final Prize) you need to have attended the entire two-day Bootcamp on a full-time basis, have actively participated in the entire Acceleration Phase, and have participated in the final Pitch Day.

Do we have to apply as a team?

Yes, you should be at least 2 people in the team when applying. At least one of the team member needs to attend the workshops, however, we strongly encourage you to attend as a team for better progress.

To which extent does the full pitch deck have to be if we are talking about early-stage projects?

You should input some information and first thoughts about each point in the bootcamp so that the selection committee can get an understanding of what you are trying to do. But the pitch deck does not have to be polished and finalised. It’s about selecting good teams with an innovative idea that tackles a problem in the market. Focus on: the problem, how your idea could be a solution, and why you are the right one to build the solution.

How does the €5,000 prize work?

Every team selected to participate in the Growth Stage receives the €5,000 cash prize (per team).

What do you mean by MVP? How far does our solution have to be developed after the two months?

You should be able to produce something that proves that there is potential for your idea. Something that you can show to and test with customers.

I am not from the stated countries but have a Blue Card for Germany, am I eligible?

Yes, residency means to live legally in the country (i.e. citizen, limited or permanent residency). In this case, Blue Card holder from Germany is eligible.

How many teams are you taking on for the program?

It depends on the quality of the applications we receive. We expect to take on 5-8 eventually even up to 10 teams.


Mario Liebrenz
Project Manager
Call: 030 4036 7190 3


Etta Dannemann
Program Manager & Startup Coach
Call: 0 30 208493 016 


Ron Reckin
Program Director
Call: 030 4036 7190 5