Forum Digitale Transformation: the impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Economy #4


Our fourth event in 2018 about AI focused on the impact of AI on different industries and services... and on the issue of ethics! A cross-industry look at the diverse applications of AI & ML gave the audience inspirations for their business models and how they should take advantage of the digital transformation. 

 This time we focused again on mature applications of AI in business and the most current technical challenges in different industries - in a special and AI dedicated place - Smart Data Forum at DFKI. 

✔️ Special Thanks to our guest Speakers:

Nikolaj Waller, Artificial Intelligence Expert, MHP Lab Berlin

Tomasz Kowalczyk, Co-Founder, nsFlow

Maurice Burger, Head of operation

Thomas Kalitzky-Cristescu, Geschäftsführer, QANTIC GmbH

Tom Herold, Geschäftsführer, scalable minds

Lolita Aufmuth, Founder & CEO, Vision United World - Balancing Human & Artificial Intelligence