Bayer HealthCare Grants4Apps


We are looking for healthcare technology projects!

Bayer HealthCare Grants4Apps® invites you to submit your innovative healthcare projects. We are looking for novel software, hardware, technologies, or processes that can be applied on particular areas contributing to improve health outcomes or pharmaceutical processes.

Selected projects will be supported financially, the decisions will be made at Bayer HealthCare's sole discretion.

The new Grants4Apps initiatives are starting; we are excited to offer support to innovative healthcare startups and developer teams! More initiatives will be announced in the next months.

We currently have a Grants program (5K EUR) and an Accelerator program (50K EUR, co-working space in our offices, mentoring, strategic expertise).

The Accelerator program


  • 5 Startups will be selected, each receives 50K EUR.
  • Free office space in Berlin for 5 months at Bayer Pharma HQs.
  • Intensive coaching and mentoring from Bayer.


  • We acquire an option in a small stake in the startup.
  • The Startup is based in Europe, South Africa, Israel or Canada.
  • Available to work at Bayer in Berlin for 4-5 months.


  • Cardiology: Focus on prevention, detection, treatment, management, of stroke, atrial fibrillation, pulmonary embolism, and deep vein thrombosis.
  • Oncology: Focus on prevention, detection, treatment, management, of prostate cancer with bone metastases, and handling of radio pharmaceuticals.
  • Women's Health: Focus on management of long acting reversible hormonal contraception. We are interested in software, hardware, technologies, and processes, that help, enable and empower Women to use long term intrauterine devices, assist them during their journey, or offer value-added services for Women, Nurses, and Doctors handling intrauterine devices.

The Grants program


  • 3 Startups will be selected, each receives 5K EUR.
  • One of the granted projects will probably be selected later for full implementation in a collaboration. Terms
  • It is a grant. The startup signs a contract, develops what was submitted, the results are shown, Bayer proceeds to payment.
  • The startup is based in Germany.


  • Men's Health: Development of medical or patient programs to provide education about low testosterone levels in men, Technologies for low testosterone detection, and improved management of low testosterone patients.