Erstellt am: 04.05.2020

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The Drivery opened 700 m2 cargo hall for the CO2 neutral last mile with the following benefits: 24/7 access, charging infrastructure, maintenance facilities, resting area for drivers and Jelbi station.

Minimize your cost, increase efficiency when using our improved infrastructure. The first customer is using Micro Logistics Hub to supply face masks to the hospitals.

The Drivery is setting up an equipped Media room for podcasts, web interviews, web/audio blogs, and press conferences. The Media Studio will be open to all members of The Drivery for free for 3 hr/week with additional chargeable service provided by partners. We want to make sure our facility can best fit the needs of our members, please let us know what you need a studio for the most. Equipment available for your use:

- 4 Microphones

- A pull-down chromakey (green screen) backdrop

- Dracast studio lights

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The Drivery offers engagement options that are designed to connect companies with our mobility community and ecosystem.

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