Erstellt am: 26.10.2021

  "Subscription is about access, not ownership" - Insights from Expert Discussion on Subscription Economy Topic

 "Subscription is about access, not ownership"  - Insights from Expert Discussion on Subscription Economy Topic

"Subscription is about access, not ownership" - Insights from Expert Discussion on Subscription Economy Topic

On 26.10.2021 we have had the first event in the "Subscription Economy" segment of Subscription Economy and Sharing Economy forum.

Please watch the full webinar via this link:

Taken from SEI report we had known that Subscription businesses have consistently grown 5-8x faster than traditional businesses, according to the SEI report. In 2020, they demonstrated revenue growth at a rate of 11.6%, while revenues of product-based peers declined, changing -1.6%. It leads to a lot of questions about the adoption of this model for the business. And experts taking care of international projects, either their clients or own companies with a unique idea, did the trick.

First speaker of the forum, Christian Chemaly, Co-Founder of Polar Stork GmbH, US company that had recently expanded to Berlin from USA,  provided the Subscription 101 course for the participants, and cleared up the models existing on the market. Chris highlighted that subscription model applies a ton of relationship building and communication with the customers.

Stanislav Surikov, COO and CO-Founder, PulsProject GmbH, shared the know-hows of building subscription models, views on subscription as the next logical step for businesses and the way the communication between business and customers had changed over the years. Stanislav reflected on the specifics of subscriptions for FinTech companies.

Daniela Schiffer, Co-Founder & CEO,, Berlin, introduced the product side of subscriptions for B2B/B2G business and raised the topics of white labelling for subscriptions and the long period of educating the user to be able to access the most of their product.

After the presentations the expert took part in a group discussion on the topics of product-market-fit for a subscription mode, expectations for the so-called Subscription Fatigue and best ways to works with the subscriptions cancellations.

About speakers:

Polar Stork is a digital product development company that helps non-technical founders build a web or mobile application that allows them to achieve their objectives within their budget and timeline. Their services include Fractional Product Management, Web and Mobile development, UI and UX, Quality Assurance and DevOps. Headquartered in New York, Polar Stork aims to leverage its US experience on the European Market, starting from Berlin.

Puls is an active cash reserves and cash flow management including the immediate receipt of additional capital of up to 100,000 on-demand from our fund (Montold SME Lending Fund GmbH&Co.Kg) registered with BaFin. Puls is able to do this because you use our convenient cash flow (treasury) management system, plan your payables and receivables and pay from a single interface from any of your banks and/or companies. Based on this information, Pulse always shows your available credit limit, which you can use instantly without providing any additional documents or guarantees.

Changers is the idea of an eco system fighting climate change by issuing a climate currency based on CO2 saving. The Changers apps automatically measure all activities, calculate the CO2 balances and reward CO2 savings with Climate-Coins, which can be redeemed against offers from city administration, cultural institutions and local merchants. The software is available as Software as a Service (SaaS), White label and as a Software Development Kit (SDK). Changers already works with cities like Vienna, Dresden, Münster and companies like Allianz, H&M, IKK Classic, ING and many others.

Changers is part of the Berlin SAP.iO startup accelerator focusing on a “Sustainable Future”. SAP.iO´s zero cost accelerators provide unparalleled access, curated mentorship and technical guidance. SAP.iO invites startups to work with our team to build relationships, integrate your product, and go-to-market with SAP’s 400,000+ customers. Please visit for more information.